U30 + Student Category Entry Form

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  • You cannot enter work in Category A or B using this form.
  • You must enter your name and a valid e-mail address because we might inquire about your entry. (Your entry might be refused if you are anonymous.)
  • When necessary, we contact you by e-mail in principle. So, we cannot contact you in the following cases:
    ● The e-mail address is invalid or wrong.
    ● The e-mail address contains consecutive periods (..) or a period in front of at sign (.@).
  • Communication through this form is secured by SSL (encrypted communication).
  • The personal information sent to us is only used for the contact about this entry (inquiries, confirmations, answers, etc.) and properly managed.
  • Do not use half-sized katakana or machine dependent characters such as circled numbers to avoid character corruption.
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  • Send the data of your work in the following format.
  • <Entry Form>
    *Download the entry form and fill it in, and upload its image or its PDF.
    *Write letters clearly.
  • <Data of your work>
    ◎Data for printing: JPEG (CMYK) format ◎200 – 300 dpi (resolution when enlarged to the poster size B1 103.0 x 72.8 cm) ◎Save JPEG data with the highest quality (low compression).
    *The name of the file to be uploaded must be same as the poster title in the entry form.
    *Send a zip file that contains all the works if your entry is a series of works. The name of the zip file must be same as the title of one of the posters (or the name of the work).
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